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Scout Log 11.18.2008

Scout Log 11.18.2008

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 When I was young, in the beautiful, small town of Alamo Nevada, I got my first taste of what scouting had to offer and from that moment on I felt encouraged to continue in scouting to this day.

I had heard of scouting before I moved to Alamo so I was pretty excited. What was also exciting was that my mom was going to be the cub master. Along with the feeling of excitement there was some anxiety.  Picture this, a small, shy boy just moved to a new town and going to cub scouts for the first time. The bright side is that your mom is going to be the cub master with you. But would I be welcomed? or Laughed at? Will I make friends? or will I be all alone? Did I really think that? Yes, I did. I also thought that I might be too uptight, that I was freaking out too much. I kept telling my self “It’s a town 900 people. How bad can it be? It will be fine!”

The time soon came for my first activity. I remember being in the church building after we set up for the activity.  I was growing more and more anxious as more Cub scouts arrived.They kept on coming till the place was packed with both boys, their siblings and their parents. Of course I may be exaggerating ( it was probably around 10 t0 15 kids and their parents) but despite being afraid was I having fun? Absolutely! There was all kinds of fun stuff. The theme was “seeds of kindness” we made bird feed ornaments, websites for spiders, planted a garden of service, and my mom gave some rewards out.

By the end of the activity I learned the fundamentals of scouting, or the foundation if you will. It was kindness, being the best YOU can be, a hero in disguise, a leader like the founding fathers of our country, and a friend when someone needed comfort. I learned that these elements and many more fit into scouting. All you need to do is listen, and apply the lessons by putting in the work.

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