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Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains

It is said that faith can move mountains and that our faith must be like that of a little child. This is the story of one child’s Faith.


Our son Blaze, loves cars and more than anything, he wanted one of his own. He would create his car out of just about anything and he just knew he would get one some day. He would tell us about how he wanted a go-cart of his very own. It seemed impossible to find what he wanted at a price we could afford. We didn’t have any idea where to find one for him, how we would afford it if we did, and we simply lacked faith.  One day, Blaze was reminding his daddy about his go-cart. So he looked again online, he was discouraged for a moment all over again. Then, he had a thought to look on his Credit Card points. He quite nearly dismissed the thought because, “What were the odds of them having a go-cart in their store?” Still he pressed on and sure enough, there it was. Blaze had created a go-cart out of thin air and Faith. He knew, his prayer would be answered, he thought nothing of the means by which it would appear, nothing of how it would manifest, he just knew he would get it. The go-cart itself cost us nothing but points his Daddy had earned on his card. I will never forget this lesson of childlike faith.

In this category we will be discussing the power of faith in creating good things in our life.



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