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Disclaimer: Please Read

Disclaimer: Please Read

“…we are reminded that the notion of being perfect should be understood as being “complete, finished, [or] fully developed” (Matthew 5:48, footnote b).” – Cecil O. Samuelson , 2011 “Wherefore, continue in patience until ye are perfected” (D&C 67:13)


Neither the Modern Mormon blog nor the Bowman family associated with this blog are perfect. (As far as we are aware we are not even close yet.) There may be mispellings, pictures we borrowed from LDS.org, and an occasional broken link.

We are not pretending to be the model Mormon Family. There was a family our Stake put up on the stand a couple years ago to provide us with a good example, but I think they moved and I don’t remember their name. They seemed to be much more the model than we are. If we find them out on the Blogosphere we will definitely share their URL here, on Modern Mormon, so you have a better example. Although, if you want a completely perfect example, please consider a study of Jesus Christ. That is who we try to follow.

Here, we are an open book. We are not going to share our dirty laundry publicly because that tends to make people feel uncomfortable. But I can say that our house is messy most of the time, my children have heard bad words spew out of our mouths more than they should, we eat fast food when we can get it, some of us have cavities, some of us have wrinkles, I have a white streak in my hair, we have all picked our noses, our kids watch television, and have been known to be slightly irreverent during sacrament meeting etc. etc.. We are just a family of humans trying to make it home to live with Jesus. We, struggle when we keep the commandments, we struggle when we don’t. Life is hard. Becoming true disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ is a journey not a destination. We just want you along for the ride.

God Bless You,
The Bowmans

For more proof of our imperfections please read, Confession Wednesdays from ChasingMolly.com. Back in the day, when I was trying to be perfect, like Molly Mormon, I wrote a feature about how I am not. I have since given up on being perfect and have learned to accept myself as I am, except when I don’t. When that happens I will write about my imperfections there.


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