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As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we believe that the Earth was designed by a loving Heavenly Father and created by Jesus Christ our Savior in six creative periods. I personally, believe that helping our children discover the many aspects of the creation, helps our children feel loved by and connected to the Godhead in a very real way. As a bonus, maybe because of this, they ultimately feel more connected to us. Next, once this bond is sufficiently strong, a child learns to create by faith, the things they need or want in this life by being positive and feeling abundant. All the while, they are learning to create things by hand, and they gain much joy from this, as we all do. Here, I will share ideas and thoughts about these three aspects of Creation, The Creation by days to help your children discover their world and the God that created it, every day, The process of Creating By Faith, and aspects, ideas, patterns, templates and tutorials to create things by hand from people all over the internet.

This Video is from LDS.org, explains our need to create.


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