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Boy Scout Log 9.18.2010

Boy Scout Log 9.18.2010

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It was a religious observation mission, where we went to the ST. George Temple Visitor Center. We first went to look at the model of the city of St. George, right after the temple was built. I also saw the tools they used at the time, like pulleys and ox harnesses. I imagine making the stones to build the temple, to dedicate my own time and talent to the temple. I think it would strengthen a person’s testimony of the temple and it’s work. After that, we looked at the model of Jerusalem, you could press button and discover a time where Jesus Christ preached to the Jews. I could imagine being there listening to him while he was talking about the sower and other parables he taught. Then it got me thinking, how it would feel if there was not a God and we are here by chance with no purpose. I would be unhappy and how sad God would be, because he wants his kids to be happy.

I learned the importance of missionary work to bring happiness to people, if they are willing to hear and listen.


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