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Our Family at the Temple, facing the Sun.

Modern Mormon was established, March 2016. Modern Mormon is a blog dedicated to connecting people who are committed to living ancient principles in these modern days.
We are the Bowmans, a family of six. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We love the gospel and strive to live the teachings of Jesus Christ, our savior. Like other Christians, we read the bible often.  We are so grateful for an additional testament of Jesus Christ called The Book of Mormon. We read and study it too, and believe it to be the word of God as well because it too testifies of Jesus Christ.  We strive to live as disciples of Jesus Christ by caring for the poor and needy, attending Sunday worship and through fellowship and missionary work. At Modernmormon.com, we share ideas on how to live life today, as people did anciently. We have gained so much through out the years, through technology and education, but so much has been lost as well. So many missing pieces from what to eat, to how to heal. Where is that information now? That is what we are attempting to find out and share with you, here, at ModernMormon.com.

We feel truly blessed by our Heavenly Father with knowledge and insight along the way. We have been blessed with people like yourself who so generously share their knowledge, that when compiled with that of others, becomes vast and our understanding of principles of the gospel increases dramatically. At the same time, we establish a bond with you, our teachers and brothers and sisters in the Lord. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple but it almost seems like a lost art these days. Living the truths we know is something that becomes easier when we do it together.


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Our Family at the St. George Temple

Dad-Derek: Self Reliance & Constitutional Studies
Dad is a hardworking, father dedicated to his family. His superpower is his ability to create peace while at the same time being fully capable of defending his family, his freedom and his religion- by any means necessary. His focus in creating a better community is in Self Reliance firearms training, and Constitutional studies. He believes that having a better understanding of the Constitution and what our forefathers meant by it, will help keep us all free. At the same time, he believes that we should all be spiritually and physically prepared to defend our freedom.

Mom-Bianca: Calling Consultant & Young Learners Specialist
Mom received her Bachelors Degree in Youth Leadership and Recreation Management. Her super power is her ability to make everything fun. She believes that fun is the optimal learning condition. Her focus in creating a better community is religion. She believes, throughout history, great nations were grounded in an abiding love for God and country.

Chey – 18 Artistic Director, Alternative Education Consultant
Big Sister is a recent home-school graduate, dedicated to the arts. She is exceptional in the areas of dance and the written word. Her super power is her ability to go with the flow, share joy, and create peace. She believes that liberty, joy and peace are the optimal conditions for the creation process. Her focus for creating a better community is the arts. She has found that the arts play a significant role in the success of nations throughout history. She is also deeply involved in consulting families and youth in finding autonomy, mastery and purpose in their education. Big Sister currently attends BYU-I and is taking a Social Innovations class.

Jax–17   Outdoor Survival Guide & Funology Coach
Big Brother received his Eagle Scout award when he was 13. Today, he is still fascinated by learning survival skills. His super power is his ability to be happy and have fun in any given situation. The world could be falling apart around him and he would still be content, having fun, learning, and lighting the room with his sense of humor. His contribution to creating a better community is in outdoor survival. He believes that being in nature unites one with God, giving one a deep sense of peace and opening the mind to inspiration and innovation.

Richo – 6 Engineer in Research and Development
Little Bro, spends more time in than craft room than his Mom does. His super power is his faith. He is able to create what he wants and needs out of thin air. He just seems to know that his Heavenly Father will take care of it, even when we are uncertain. He is generally working on a project – creating something from nothing himself. His contribution to creating a better community is innovation. He once said, “I want a guitar. I should make one out of cardstock. You can make anything out of cardstock.” He was four.

Gaby – 4 Early Childhood Development
Little Sis is all about children and babies. Her super power is the ability to see infants and children for the geniuses that they are. She can communicate with them in a very spiritual way. Her contribution to creating a better community is bonding parents to their children. Every time she compliments a mommy on her baby or kisses them or asks to see or touch them, their parent’s faces light up with pride and joy. It is a wonder to see up close.

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The Derek Bowman Family